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In January 2020, NetBase, the market leader in social media analysis, unveiled a coalition with Quid, the lead in AI-driven text analysis. The dais will deliver context perception that exhibits business tendencies from all forms of systematic and unsystematic data.

NetBaseQuid thinks that key opinion leaders can help with leading consumer and market intelligence platform should deliver businesses unparalleled provisions that are faster, more precise, and just and with access to over billions of listed resources — from social network posts, customers reviews, merchandise reviews, press articles to business files, to specific applications, and platforms – which can be accumulated, examined and envisioned in order to expose consumer and market intuition.

About the NetBase Quid and the Services, they offer generally.

NetBaseQuid has a blog post on key opinion leaders (KOL) and the future generation customer and market intelligence deck, bringing forth in context insights to disclose business proclivities, connect with customers, and comprehend the story behind competitiveness and the market.

The platform uses modern theatrical intelligence to litigate billions of registered resources across all forms of integrated and unstructured info, enabling the leading brand, organization, and consultation services clients to make smart, data-based decisions entirely, quickly, and effectively.

NetBase Quid on Market Intelligence Views: Innovative Analysis & Incomparable Insights

Combining Quid and NetBase will enable the next wave of innovative customer analysis, said the Head of Technical Consumer Study at Coca-Cola. This new firm will present the leading resources in comprehending consumer factors.

Both NetBase and Quid will enable the strategic work done and are a key opinion leader in the industry. A combination of the NetBase’s and Quid’s contexts AI and the magnitude of data resources will give them unmatched visibility into any landscape evaluation. Including the clientele’ brand range, the businesses they serve, and new sectors of possibilities for the clients and their customers, said Brian Mossop, Head Vice President, FleishmanHillard. it will make it a game-changing move for businesses, customers at their clients

This is the kind of platform from a key opinion leader that is sure to attract a mass of new, inventive customers, said Don Butler, Executive Director at Thomvest Ventures, the lead VC financing NetBase. The New and rapidly growing businesses have a load of unstructured information they don’t know what to do with, and NetBase Quid is tackling the need for the progressing landscape.

Leadership View on the differences The NetBase Quid will make

Just like Netbase, Quid has a customer-first-focus, is profoundly connected to technology, driven by an objective, and rules as the head in the evolving consumer and market intelligence analysis landscape, says Peter Caswell, Chairperson & Executive Director of NetBase. The team has always been dazzled with Quid’s machinery and management. The team is confident the fusion will help the customers in the increment of their businesses’ growth while allowing them to benefit from the highly customized services adventures they have always relished.

Joining the forces makes sense, mentioned Bob Goodson, Board chairperson of Quid. There is an excellent chance spotted to modify the landscape of Market intelligence using unstructured information. This merger gives our customers the best possible tools and assets to make them as fully knowledgeable as possible while making complex business choices.

Following the finishing of the unification, Caswell will continue leading NetBase Quid as the Chairperson and CEO. Quid Director-General, Bob Goodson, will presume the role of President. NetBase Quid’s management team will include senior directors from both NetBase and Quid, echoing both companies’ responsibilities to their customers.

Author: Peggy Howard